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Papers are only listed here under the date on which the latest version was deposited in the archive.

21 Nov 2014: Gianelli, Lim and Wildon Sylow subgroups of symmetric and alternating groups and the vertex of S(kp-p,1p) in characteristic p

08 Sep 2014: Carlson and Thévenaz The torsion group of endotrivial modules

15 Aug 2014: Coşkun Inducing native Mackey functors to biset functors
09 Aug 2014: Taylor Generalised Gelfand-Graev representations in small characteristics
09 Aug 2014: Taylor On unipotent supports of reductive groups with a disconnected centre
(Updated version of 29 Sep 2011 preprint)

26 Jul 2014: Benson Representations of elementary abelian p-groups and vector bundles
(Updated version of 05 Sep 2010 preprint)

29 May 2014: Benson and Reid Modules with small Loewy length
(Updated version of 18 Jan 2014 preprint)
03 May 2014: Levi and Seeliger Loop space homology associated to the mod 2 Dickson invariants
(Updated version of 20 Jan 2010 preprint)

28 Apr 2014: Lynd The Thompson-Lyons transfer lemma for fusion systems
(Updated version of 27 Mar 2013 preprint)
07 Apr 2014: Taylor Evaluating characteristic functions of character sheaves at unipotent elements

24 Mar 2014: Krause Morphisms determined by objects and flat covers

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