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Papers are only listed here under the date on which the latest version was deposited in the archive.

14 Jul 2017: Benson, Iyengar, Krause and Pevtsova Local duality for representations of finite group schemes
(Updated version of 12 Nov 2016 preprint)

26 May 2017: Carlson Toward a classification of endotrivial modules
26 May 2017: Carlson and Iyengar Hopf algebra structures and tensor products for group algebras
26 May 2017: Balmer and Carlson Separable commutative rings in the stable module category of cyclic groups
26 May 2017: Carlson Thick subcategories of the relative stable category
18 May 2017: Alperin Scans of Alperin's unpublished notes, Chapters VIII to XIII, kindly provided by Jon Alperin.

29 Apr 2017: Erdmann Nilpotent elements in Hochschild cohomology

28 Mar 2017: Lim Straightening rule for an m'-truncated polynomial ring

21 Feb 2017: Krause and Vossieck Length categories of infinite height
06 Feb 2017: Benson and Reichstein Fields of definition for representations of associative algebras

31 Jan 2017: Broto, Møller and Oliver Automorphisms of fusion systems of finite simple groups of Lie type
(Updated version of 09 Dec 2016 preprint)
11 Jan 2017: Benson, Iyengar, Krause and Pevtsova Stratification and π-cosupport: Finite groups
(Updated version of 26 May 2015 preprint)
03 Jan 2017: J. A. Green Notes on almost split sequences, I

09 Dec 2016: Oliver Automorphisms of fusion systems of sporadic simple groups
(Updated version of 21 Apr 2016 preprint)
07 Dec 2016: Oliver A remark on the construction of centric linking systems
03 Dec 2016: Witherspoon Varieties for modules of finite dimensional Hopf algebras
(Updated version of 02 Dec 2016 preprint)
02 Dec 2016: Plavnik and Witherspoon Tensor products and support varieties for some noncocommutative Hopf algebras

22 Oct 2016: Leary Subgroups of FP₂ groups
14 Oct 2016: Benson and Carlson Nilpotence and generation in the stable module category

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