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Papers are only listed here under the date on which the latest version was deposited in the archive.

30 Jan 2016: Baland and Stevenson Comparisons between singularity categories and relative stable categories of finite groups
29 Jan 2016: Oliver Reductions to simple fusion systems
15 Jan 2016: Lassueur and Thévenaz Endo-trivial modules: a reduction to p'-central extensions
10 Jan 2016: Linckelmann On equivalences for cohomological Mackey functors
10 Jan 2016: Linckelmann Integrable derivations and stable equivalences of Morita type

22 Dec 2015: Leary Uncountably many groups of type FP
04 Dec 2015: Baland, Chirvasitu and Stevenson The prime spectra of relative stable module categories
(Updated version of 13 Nov 2015 preprint)

17 Nov 2015: Bouc and Thévenaz The monoid algebra of all relations on a finite set
17 Nov 2015: Benson Representations of elementary abelian p-groups and vector bundles
(Updated version of 05 Sep 2010 preprint)

27 Oct 2015: Bouc and Thévenaz The representation theory of finite sets and correspondences
(Updated version of 12 Oct 2015 preprint)
23 Oct 2015: Benson, Iyengar, Krause and Pevtsova Stratification for module categories of finite group schemes
01 Oct 2015: Emmanouil Precovers and orthogonality in the stable module category
01 Oct 2015: Emmanouil On pure acyclic complexes

02 Sept 2015: Carlson and Webb The graded center of a triangulated category

14 Aug 2015: Al Hwaeer and Garkusha Grothendieck categories of enriched functors

17 Jul 2015: Koshitani and Lassueur Endo-trivial modules for finite groups with dihedral Sylow 2-subgroups
07 Jul 2015: Benson and Bruner A counterexample for lightning flash modules over E(e1, e2)
(Updated version of 03 Jul 2015 preprint)

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