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Papers are only listed here under the date on which the latest version was deposited in the archive.

29 Apr 2015: Degrijse and Leary Equivariant vector bundles over classifying spaces for proper actions
13 Apr 2015: Leary and Petrosyan On dimensions of groups with cocompact classifying spaces for proper actions
11 Apr 2015: Bouc, Stancu and Webb On the projective dimensions of Mackey functors
10 Apr 2015: Baland and Chan Modules of constant Jordan type, pullbacks of bundles and generic kernel filtrations
10 Apr 2015: Diveris, Purin and Webb Combinatorial restrictions on the tree class of the Auslander-Reiten quiver of a triangulated category
01 Apr 2015: Bouc and Zimmermann On a question of Rickard on tensor product of stably equivalent algebras
(Updated version of 27 Mar 2015 preprint)

17 Mar 2015: Emmanouil and Manousaki On the stable homology of modules

25 Feb 2015: Koshitani and Lassueur Endo-trivial modules for finite groups with Klein-four Sylow 2-subgroups
25 Feb 2015: Lassueur and Mazza Endotrivial modules for the sporadic simple groups and their covers
16 Feb 2015: Henke and Semeraro A generalization of the Z*-theorem
09 Feb 2015: Kessar, Koshitani and Linckelmann On the Brauer indecomposability of Scott modules
09 Feb 2015: Robinson Carter subgroups, amalgams, simple groups and the Zp*-theorem
09 Feb 2015: Semeraro Centralizers of subsystems of fusion systems
09 Feb 2015: Semeraro Trees of fusion systems

29 Jan 2015: Lim and Tan Periodic Lie modules

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