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Papers are only listed here under the date on which the latest version was deposited in the archive.

29 Jan 2015: Lim and Tan Periodic Lie modules

06 Dec 2014: Todea Symmetric cohomology of groups as a Mackey functor
06 Dec 2014: Todea A theorem of Mislin for cohomology of fusion systems and applications to block algebras of finite groups
(Updated version of 15 Jan 2014 preprint)
05 Dec 2014: Díaz and Park Mackey functors and sharpness for fusion systems
(Updated version of 13 Nov 2012 preprint)
02 Dec 2014: Díaz and Park The subgroup homology decomposition for fusion systems is sharp

21 Nov 2014: Gianelli, Lim and Wildon Sylow subgroups of symmetric and alternating groups and the vertex of S(kp-p,1p) in characteristic p

08 Sep 2014: Carlson and Thévenaz The torsion group of endotrivial modules

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