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29 May 2014: Benson and Reid Modules with small Loewy length
(Updated version of 18 Jan 2014 preprint)
29 May 2014: Benson Representations of elementary abelian p-groups and vector bundles
(Updated version of 05 Sep 2010 preprint)
03 May 2014: Levi and Seeliger Loop space homology associated to the mod 2 Dickson invariants
(Updated version of 20 Jan 2010 preprint)

28 Apr 2014: Lynd The Thompson-Lyons transfer lemma for fusion systems
(Updated version of 27 Mar 2013 preprint)
07 Apr 2014: Taylor Evaluating characteristic functions of character sheaves at unipotent elements

24 Mar 2014: Krause Morphisms determined by objects and flat covers

25 Feb 2014: Linckelmann Stable equivalences with endopermutation source
25 Feb 2014: Kessar, Linckelmann and Navarro A characterisation of nilpotent blocks
21 Feb 2014: Boe, Kujawa and Nakano Tensor triangulated geometry for classical Lie superalgebras
20 Feb 2014: Parker and Stewart Stabilisation of the LHS spectral sequence for algebraic groups

31 Jan 2014: Park Mislin's theorem for fusion systems via Mackey functors
(Updated version of 10 Jan 2014 preprint)
18 Jan 2014: Reid Varieties for modules of small dimension
(PhD Thesis, Aberdeen, 2013)
18 Jan 2014: Benson and Lim Generic Jordan type of the symmetric and exterior powers
15 Jan 2014: Coconeţ and Todea The extended Brauer quotient of N-interior G-algebras
15 Jan 2014: Todea Symmetric algebras, skew category algebras and inverse semigroups
15 Jan 2014: Todea A theorem of Mislin for cohomology of fusion systems and applications to block algebras of finite groups
15 Jan 2014: Todea On cohomology of saturated fusion systems and support varieties
10 Jan 2014: Oliver Reduced fusion systems over 2-groups of sectional rank at most four
(Updated version of 04 Dec 2012 preprint)

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