Papers by Jonathan L. Alperin

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Scans of Alperin's unpublished notes, Chapters VIII to XIII, kindly provided by Jon Alperin.

Please note that there is no Chapter XI.

dvi; abstract

On the center of a Hecke algebra

Preprint, 2006.

dvi; abstract

On a theorem of Mislin

J. Pure Appl. Algebra 206 (2006), 55-58.

dvi; abstract

Unipotent conjugacy in general linear groups

Comm. Algebra 34 (2006), 889-891.

dvi; abstract

A construction of endo-permutation modules

J. Group Theory 4 (2001), 3-10.

dvi; abstract

Lifting endo-trivial modules

J. Group Theory 4 (2001), 1-2.

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