Applied Algebraic Topology

We are a UK research network in applied algebraic topology, with nodes at the University of Aberdeen, Durham University, Queen Mary University of London and the University of Southampton. Meetings are partially funded by the London Mathematical Society, the Glasgow Mathematical Journal Trust and the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications.


Aims and Scope

Our meetings focus on research activity in the UK and worldwide in the field of applied algebraic topology, and usually consist of three research talks and a problem session. Research themes are based on the directions of current research conducted by the members of the group, including (but not limited to):

        Topology of configuration spaces of particles and mechanisms of different types (including linkages) and their applications in robotics and molecular biology

        Topology of robot motion planning, complexity of algorithms for autonomous robot motion

        Stochastic topology (random complexes, random manifolds, random groups etc)

        Applications of topological data analysis to computer vision, pattern recognition and reconstruction of persistent topological structures in big and noisy data

        Combinatorial and toric homotopy theory (simplicial complexes and polytopes, moment-angle complexes, polyhedral products, etc)



         Jacek Brodzki, University of Southampton (j.brodzki AT

         Michael Farber, QMUL (m.farber AT

         Mark Grant, University of Aberdeen (mark.grant AT

         Jelena Grbić, University of Southampton (j.grbic AT

         Vitaliy Kurlin, Durham University (vitaliy.kurlin AT

         Dirk Schuetz, Durham University (dirk.schuetz AT



Next meeting

Our next meeting will be held at Durham University on Friday 23rd September 2016. Speakers will include Yumi Boote (Manchester), Ruben Sanchez-Garcia (Southampton) and Mark Grant (Aberdeen). 

The talks will start at 11:00 and the workshop will close at 16.00. 

A tentative schedule can be found here.


Past meetings

         AAT1: Queen Mary University of London, 23rd January 2015

         AAT2: University of Southampton, 9th March 2015

         AAT3: University of Aberdeen, 8th June 2015

         AAT4: Durham University, 21st September 2015

         AAT5: Queen Mary University of London, 22nd January 2016

         AAT6: University of Aberdeen, 27th May 2016

         AAT7: Durham University, 23rd September 2016



Speakers are paid travel and overnight accommodation, and are invited to dinner the evening before the meeting. We have limited funds available to cover travel, accommodation and subsistence for PhD students and young researchers. Please contact the local organizers for more information.