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mugshot of me


I’m a part time Research Fellow in the dot.rural Digital Economy Hub at the University of Aberdeen.

I’m also a PhD student in the Department of Computing Science.

My interests are Affective Computing, Personality, Motivation and Persuasive Technology.

My PhD is supervised by Dr Judith Masthoff, Professor Chris Mellish and Dr Helen Pain (at Edinburgh University) and funded by the Scottish Informatics and Computer Science Alliance (SICSA).

Mechanical Turk Info

See this page :)


Matt Dennis
dot.rural, room 812, MacRobert Building
University of Aberdeen
Aberdeen, AB24 5UA

If I’m not in dot.rural you can find me in

Room 216, Department of Computing Science
Meston Building
AB24 3UE

T: 01224 27 2839 (Meston) / 27 4553 (dot.rural)
E: m•dennis@abdn•ac•uk | Skype: matt.thepie

I’m also on Facebook.