RefNet Summer School. From 24-31 Aug 2014, the RefNet Summer school on Psychological and Computational Models of Language Production will take place in Edinburgh, co-located with RO-MAN, SemDial/ DialWatt, and AMLaP.

Aim of the RefNet Summer School: The modelling of human language production requires an increasingly varied range of skills & techniques, hailing from different scientific disciplines, including psychology, computing science, linguistics, and others. Examples of these skills are eye-tracking, algorithmic models, bayesian reasoning, and mixed-effects modelling. The summer school is an attempt to introduce and discuss these techniques, focussing on the production of referring expressions as an example. The summer school focusses on the linguistic phenomenon of reference production because it is one of the best examples of the convergence of the above-mentioned disciplines.


Workshop at CogSci. In the summer of 2013, the RefNet workshop Production of Referring Expressions: bridging the gap between cognitive and computational approaches to reference was organised, and reference generation featured strongly in a number of other events as well. For a RefNet-oriented summary, see this page