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Available PhD Topics (in alphabatical order, partial list)

I'm always interested in exceptional PhD students - please get in touch if you have a strong background in AI or Data Science. Here are some PhD topics (studentships available for strong candidates):

  1. Access Controls of Linked Datasets in the Cloud
  2. Combining Deductive and Inductive Reasoning
  3. Constructing and Exploiting Knowledge Graphs
  4. Exploiting Linked Data by Using Cognitive Technologies
  5. Knowledge Capturing and Exploitation in Social Big Data
  6. Knowledge Capturing and Visualization from Social Big Data
  7. Knowledge Graph based Learning and reasoning
  8. Knowledge Graph Enabled Question Answering
  9. Knowledge Graph for Diverse Recommendations
  10. Knowledge Graph for Fact Checking
  11. Knowledge Graph for Security and Privacy
  12. Ontology Reasoning with Texts
  13. Processing Natural Language Text into High Quality RDF Graphs
  14. Understanding and Exploiting Semantic Big Data
  15. Apply now!

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