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Movie Gallery

These are sample results of direct, large-eddy, and molecular dynamics simulations
All simulations are three-dimensional and time-dependent

Interaction between solids and liquid motion
in a solids-suspension process
only the particles in a thin slab are shown
the contours indicate velocity magnitude of the interstitial liquid

left: mono-sized particles
solids_cone.mpg Download 49 Mb

right: particles have a size distribution
psd.mp4 Download 30 Mb

MD simulations of a liquid bridge
green: solid; red: vapor; yellow: liquid

Left: steady state

lqb.mpg Download 13 Mb

Right: stretching and rupturing
lqb_rup2.mpg Download 41 Mb

Solid to liquid mass transfer in a micro-fluidized bed
mono-sized spheres; colors: scalar concentration
Schmidt number: 10,000
fun0b4_3.mpg Download 4 Mb

Start-up of solids suspension in a small stirred tank
fully resolved simulation
impeller Reynolds number is 2000
solid over liquid density ratio is 2.5
the contours in the mid-plane indicate the liquid velocity
dnsss.mpg Download 175 Mb

Sheared granular bed under a mildly turbulent flow
fully resolved spheres
spheres colored by  their streamwise velocity
the contours in the end plane indicate the liquid velocity
tshlds.mpg Download 25 Mb

Sheared granular bed
solid particle motion as a result of a laminar liquid shear flow above the particle bed
spheres colored by  their streamwise velocity
shgb.mpg Download 42 Mb


Sedimentation and flocculation in a solid-liquid suspension
fully periodic boundary conditions; gravity down, pressure gradient up
spheres colored by the size of the aggregate they are part of
flocs.mpg Download 144 Mb


Sedimentation of red-blood-cell-shaped particles through liquid
collision handling is a challenge when dealing with dense suspensions of non-spherical particles
work by Orest Shardt

rbc_settling.avi  Download 36 Mb

Agglomeration & de-agglomeration in shear flow
spheres interact through a square-well potential; colors denote liquid velocity

sqwp_shr.mpg  Download 11.5 Mb

Startup of turbulent solids suspension
side views      
work by Inci Ayranci

side_exp.avi  Download 6.7 Mb  side_sim.mpg  Download 75.2 Mb

Particles in Bingham liquid mobilized by agitation
particles colored by their speed

bingprt.mpg  Download 7.8 Mb

Fiber stretching and folding in shear flow
the fiber is modelled as spheres connected through hinges

sheared_fiber.mpg  Download 6.7 Mb

Scalar mixing by granular particles
colors indicate scalar concentration

granmix.mpg  Download 1.5 Mb

Mixing by fluidized particles in a micro-channel
the channel-based Reynolds numbers is 12
colors indicate scalar concentration

microfluidization.mpg  Download 6 Mb

LES of scalar mixing in a stirred tank
left: vertical cross section
right: horizontal
colors indicate scalar concentration

scalar mixing.mpg  Download 13 Mb

Solid-liquid suspension in a stirred tank 
vertical cross-section through 3D domain
Ruhton turbine, baffled tank
solid_liquid_mixing.avi Download 17 Mb 

Particles dissolving in a turbulently stirred tank
vertical cross-section; colors indicate particle size
work done by Hugo Hartmann
dissolution.avi Download 46 Mb

In unbaffled mixing tanks particles tend to demix
side view

unbaffled_demixing.mpg Download 71 Mb

Vortex breakdown in a contracting, strongly swirling flow
cross-section, colors are velocity magnitude
vortex_breakdown.mpg Download  1.5 Mb

Gas-solid separation in a cyclone separator
blue: large particles, red: small particles
gas_cyclone.mpg Download 13 Mb

Sphere sedimenting in a closed container
left: lattice-Boltzmann simulation, rigth: PIV experiment
colors indicate the absolute value of the velocity
work done by Andreas ten Cate and Kees Nieuwstad
sedimenting_sphere_exp_lb.avi Download  28 Mb

Spherical particles resuspending in a turbulent shear flow
cross-section through a 3D domain
all spheres have the same size
colors indicate absolute value of the fluid velocity
resuspension.mpg Download  22 Mb

DNS of void formation in a liquid-fluidized bed
gravity points to the left
periodic boundary conditions in all three dimensions
initial condition is a planar wave instability
fluidization.mpg Download  9.5  Mb

Ordering of a high-Stokes number solid-liquid suspension under shear
uniformely sized particles
cross section through 3D domain
solids volume fraction is 55%
colors indicate absolute value of fluid velocity
shear_induced_ordering.mpg Download  66 Mb

Liquid-liquid dispersion undergoing a turbulent burst
cross section through fully periodic 3D domain
turbulent_dispersion.mpg Download  3.5 Mb