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Our research interests focus on understanding the process by which genetic information is translated by the ribosome into protein.

We use baker's yeast as our model organism, since its translation system is a good general model of eukaryote protein synthesis.

Our current research interests centre on trying to understand how the processes of translation elongation and termination function, and how the fidelity of these processes is controlled.

We are using a variety of molecular biological tools to address these research questions, increasingly supported by the use of systems biology approaches to model and analyse the translation process quantitatively. Modelling and computational approaches are used in three distinct ways to support these efforts (i) for bioinformatic analysis of sequence data (ii) in the generation of systems biology quantitative models of translation sub-sytems and (iii) to enable multi-agent models of translation systems to be built.

The links opposite describe some of our projects in more detail.

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Acknowledgement: Electron micrograph of Saccharomyces cerevisiae (baker's yeast) used in the banner title courtesy of A.Dunn and M.F. Tuite, University of Kent (copyright holders).
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