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Committee Members of the Forum

Chair: Dr Robert McColl Millar

Robert is Senior Lecturer in Linguistics at the University of Aberdeen. He has written several monographs on aspects of linguistics , including Northern and Insular Scots. Robert specialises in both linguistics and sociolinguistics, and has an impressive knowledge of the relationship between Scots and other Germanic languages. He took over from Derrick McClure as Chair of the Forum on the 24th of July at the Forum's EGM, which closed the business at the enormously-successful Ninth International Conference on the Languages of Scotland and Ulster.

Treasurer: Dr John Kirk

John is Senior Lecturer in English and Scottish Language at the Queen's University Belfast. He has edited many books and written numerous academic papers on all aspects of Scots, with a particular emphasis on grammar and dialectology. He is General Editor of Belfast Studies in Language, Culture and Politics.

Committee Member: Professor Bill Nicolaisen

Bill is an Honorary Research Professor in the Department of English in the University of Aberdeen, having been an academic teacher since 1951. A world-famous Name Studies and Folklore scholar, he has published several books, including The Picts and Their Place Names (1996), and over 700 articles and reviews.

Committee Member: Iseabail Macleod

Iseabail Macleod has worked on Scots-language dictionaries since 1979. She was Editorial Director of the Scottish National Dictionary Association (1986-2002) and is now Editorial Consultant to Scottish Language Dictionaries. She has been joint editor of several of their dictionaries and has a special interest in the language of food and drink. Her other publications include The Pocket Guide to Scottish Words (1986, 2006), and she edited Mrs McLintock's Recipes for Cookery and Pastry-Work, Scotland's earliest published cookery book. She was General Editor of the Illustrated Encyclopedia of Scotland (2004).

Committee Member: Dr Moray Watson

Moray is the head of Celtic and Gaelic at the University of Aberdeen. He works on Gaelic language planning issues, especially those issues affecting Gaelic education and Gaelic Medium Education, and also stylistics. He recently co-edited The Edinburgh Companion to the Gaelic Language, due to be published in October 2009.

Former Chairman: J. Derrick McClure

Derrick recently retired from his post as Senior Lecturer in English at the University of Aberdeen, where he taught a variety of courses in both literature and linguistics. He has authored many papers and several books on the languages of Scotland, including Doric: the Dialect of North-East Scotland, Language, Poetry and Nationhood, and Why Scots Matters. Derrick is editor of Scottish Language, the principal academic journal for the study of the languages of Scotland. He was Chairman of the Forum for almost a quarter of a century, but chose to stand down when he retired from the University.