Protege Jess Mapping Tab (PJMappingTab)

PJMappingTab is a tab plugin for Protege which supports the easy reuse of JessTab rule sets with other ontologies than which they were designed for. For more information please check out the user manual, or technical report below.


Below are some of the documents that have been produced to go along with this project.
User manual


David Corsar, Derek Sleeman. Reusing JessTab rules in Protégé Knowledge-Based Systems. 19(5): pages 291-297 © Elsevier B.V.. Best Submitted Technical paper, AI2005.

David Corsar, Derek Sleeman. Reusing JessTab Rules in Protege Max Bramer, Frans Coenen, Tony Allen (ed), Research & Development in Intelligent Systems (Cambridge, UK): pages 7-20. Springer, Berlin.. Best Submitted Technical paper, AI2005.

David Corsar, Derek Sleeman. Reusing JessTab rules in Protege In Proc. of the 1st AKT Doctoral Symposium: pages 52-59. June 2005, Milton Keynes.

Demo Paper

David Corsar, Derek Sleeman. Reuse of JessTab Rule Sets within the Protege Environment In Proc. of the 8th International Protege Conference. July 2005, Madrid, Spain.


The poster presented at the 8th International Protege Conference about PJMappingTab, is here.


Please feel free to dowload the software and have a play.


Please refer to the user manual for installation instructions

Zip file containing everything you need - just unzip this into the Protege/plugins directory (recommended)
or you can just download the PJMappingTab jar from here and get the other relevant files from the links below (not recommended).

Relevant Links

PJMappingTab makes use of various 3rd party technologies including Jazzy for spell checking and JWord for accessing WordNet. Below are a few links which you may find useful/interesting.
Protege homepage - The popular ontology and knowledge base tool.
JessTab homepage - Protege plugin which allows you to use Jess to reason over the Protege knowledge base.
Jess - The Java Expert System Shell, a Java implementation of the CLIPS expert system shell.
Jazzy - A Java based spell checker by IBM.
JWord - A Java interface to the WordNet dictionaries.
WordNet - A lexical reference system designed around theiroes of human lexical memory.


There is a video showing the use of PJMappingTab to configure a rule set developed for simulating a book shop using one ontology for use with another book shop which uses an alternative ontology. Be warned the video is very large (about 64MB). The files used in the demo area also available as a zip file.

Explanation of the Demo Video

The video starts showing the original book shop ontology that is going to be used along with a set of JessTab rules to simulate the running of a shop - requests to view stock, and simulating the running of the store by processing sales/deliveries etc. It then shows the rules that will be used, as well as them running with the ontology.

Then it shows the first part in the PJMappingTab reuse process: importing the rules and keywords (class and slot names) into PJMappingTab and producing an abstract set of rules, which are saved.

Then the video shows an alternative book store ontology, which uses different names for the various concepts. Then, PJMappingTab is used to define mappings from the concepts in the abstract rules generated previously and the concepts in this new ontology. Once satisfied that the mappings are correct, they are executed and the rules updated to refer to this second, new ontology. The rules are then ran with the new ontology to show them working.