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The Centre for Marine and Coastal Zone Management carries out research into the application and use of geospatial technologies in marine and coastal zone management. Some of the recent and ongoing projects that the Centre has been involved in are listed below. Please contact us if you would like to discuss possible research projects and ideas,

CoastGIS 2005

An international Symposium and Exhibition hosted by the AECC and the University of Aberdeen, and sponsored by Aberdeen City Council, NOAA, and Stronachs was held at the AECC in Aberdeen, Scotland, UK - 21st-23rd July 2005. This was the 6th International Symposium Computer Mapping and GIS for Coastal Zone Management: Defining and Building a Marine and Coastal Spatial Data Infrastructure. International delegates from Australia, USA, Canada, Greece, Italy, Mexico, Spain, France, Norway, Germany, Nigeria and the UK attended the 3-day conference, workshops, and exhibition.

Click here for the CoastGIS Website.

A complete copy of the CoastGIS 2005 Proceedings can be obtained on CD for £30.00 incl P&P by contacting us.

Previous CoastGIS Conference Proceedings can be obtained from the CoastGIS website



YthanView is an ongoing project designed to provide improved access for educaters and researchers at the University of Aberdeen to geospatial datsets for the Ythan Estuary and surrounding area (The Sands of Forvie National Nature Reserve (NNR)) in Northeast Scotland, UK. The project originated, in part, with the educational and research work currently undertaken by the Centre for Marine and Coastal Zone Management (CMCZM) including a Learning and Technology Unit (LTU) proposal approved in 2004. YthanView is also designed to complement other work currently being undertaken on the Ythan Estuary and surrounds.

The project is co-ordinated by David R. Green ( under the auspices of the Centre for Marine and Coastal Zone Management (CMCZM), the Aberdeen Institute for Coastal Science and Management (AICSM), and OceanLab at the University of Aberdeen.

Click here for a copy of a paper (PDF) on YthanView presented at CoastGIS 2005.

Click here for the YthanView website



We are currently involved in a small consultancy project with North Cornwall District Council (NCDC) o undertake research into the carrying capacity of surfing beaches. More details coming soon.

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AICSM is a partner in the Corepoint Project. Coastal Research Policy Integration. Project Duration: Nov 2004 - April 2008. Source of Funding: Interreg IIIB.

Concerns for coastal problems are shared across NWE coastal countries. Following the completion of the Demonstration Programme on ICZM a set of recommendations on a European Strategy were formulated. Subsequently, there have been varying levels of engagement with this strategy across EU Member States. The Corepoint partners have identified the following key issues to be addressed: Lack of integrated planning and management to achieve sustainable development of NW europe coastal zone Lack of engagement and open communication with stakeholders, including political representatives and general public Poor links between researchers and policy makers Lack of sustained capacity and expertise within local authorities Disproportionate levels of progress on ICZM in Northwest Europe.

For further details see: Corepoint website

CoPraNET - Coastal Practice Network

Contribution to the establishment of a European Coastal Practitioners Network

The Aberdeen Institute for Coastal Sciences and Management is a partner in the CoPraNET project. The main immediate role is in the organisation of Littoral 2004

The Coastal Practice Network is a three year, Interreg IIIC project to help establish a coastal practitioners network and bridge the gap between planners, managers and the research community throughout Europe. It has been set up to develop and exchange information on best practice in the coastal zone on the issues of sustainable tourism and coastal erosion and beach management. The network will serve to equalise the differences in regional coastal development by bringing together Priority 1 and 2 partners in a partnership embracing research, advisory and implementing organisations.

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ECO-IMAGINE - European Conferences and forum for Integrated coastal MAnagement and Geo-INformation rEsearch

The CMCZM is a partner in the Marie Curie GISIG ECO-IMAGINE project.

As part of this initiative a Training Course on the use of GI in ICZM will be hosted in Aberdeen in 2007.

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COASTWATCH - Environment Monitoring Service for European Coasts

The CMCZM (University of Aberdeen) is a partner in the COASTWATCH project coordinated by EADS Systems & Defence Electronics in France

COASTWATCH - geo-information services in support of integrated coastal zone management - is one service element that has been initiated under the joint European Commission (EC) and European Space Agency (ESA) Global Monitoring for Environment and Security (GMES) initiative. Also see

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NATURE-GIS - IST project no 2001-34641
The CMCZM (University of Aberdeen) is a partner in the NATURE-GIS project coordinated by GISIG-Geographical Information Systems International Group in Italy

Nature-GIS is a network bringing together the different stakeholders in protected areas: users and experts in IT and in nature conservation. The project is now complete. In the UK, a website will continue to promote the Nature-GIS network.

An electronic copy of the Guidelines can be obtained by contacting us.

Useful links for Nature-GIS

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A study of the environmental changes at the Acheloos River Delta (W. Greece) using remote sensing and GIS

This project was completed at the start of 2005. A paper was presented on the results at the Littoral 2004 Conference in September 2004, and at the CoastGIS 2005 Symposium in July 2005. Click here for a copy of the paper (PDF).

A complete copy of the CoastGIS 2005 Proceedings can be obtained on CD for £35.00 incl P&P by contacting us.


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Monitoring the distribution of algal weed mats in the Ythan Estuary (NE Scotland) using aerial photography
This research project examines the potential for extracting information, in the form of digital maps, showing the spatial location, extent and multi-temporal changes of macro-algal weedmats in the Ythan estuary, North East Scotland, derived from both panchromatic and colour aerial photography. It builds upon the work carried out by Raffaelli et al. but develops a methodology that makes use of up-to-date digital image processing and GIS software and techniques.

A previous study looked at the potential of integrating GIS and remote sensing technologies to monitor the Ythan. In this study, a large-scale model aircraft was used to collect colour and colour infrared 35mm aerial photography of the estuary.

This project is ongoing, and is being continued in the form of YthanView (see details above).

Click here for a copy of a paper (PDF) recently presented at the CoastGIS 2005 Symposium.

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Using GIS to assess the potential impact of lead pollution on an endangered population of Spanish imperial eagle within the Doñana National Park, Spain

A PhD project using GIS to help assess the risk posed by lead pollution to the Doñana population of Spanish imperial eagle, specifically the risk incurred by eagle predation of Greylag geese and Mallard duck (eagle prey species in which lead poisoning is known to have occurred). For more info, click here.

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Development of an Internet-based Decision Support System to aid coastal zone management in the Solway Firth (UK)

This is a research project focussing on the use of remote sensing, geographic information systems (GIS) and the Internet to deliver information that coastal zone managers need in order to make their day-to-day decisions and is using the Solway Firth on the English / Scottish border as a case study region.

An on-line Geo-information Decision Support Processing and Dissemination System (GDSPDS) has been built utilising ESRI's ArcIMS, ER Mapper's Image Web Server and LizardTech's MrSID Geospatial encoder, DjVu and Content Server. A database (MS Access) of remotely sensed imagery is available to search on the web using Active Server Pages (ASP).

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Other research interests
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