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The Centre for Marine and Coastal Zone Management (CMCZM) is a research group within the Department of Geography and Environment at the University of Aberdeen. The objectives of this research group are to pursue research into the following:

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The application of Geographical Information Systems (GIS) as data storage, handling, analysis and Decision Support Systems (DSS)
The development of Human Computer Interfaces to GIS and DSS

Remote Sensing
The application of remote sensing (airborne and spaceborne) to monitoring of the coastal zone and marine environments
The development of information extraction techniques from remotely sensed imagery
The deployment of remotely sensed imagery on the Internet (Using LizardTech's MrSID and ER Mapper's Image Web Server)
GPS, Mobile, Multimedia
The application of Information Technology (IT) to coastal zone management
The development and application of Internet/Intranet-based GIS applications in the context of information access and dissemination (Using ArcIMS, MapServer and Manifold IMS)
The development of Internet accessible geospatial databases
The use of GPS and mobile GIS (PocketGIS and ArcPad) for data collection and remote information retrieval

MCRM Degree Programme at Aberdeen University
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"Britain's coast is Britain's life...there is nothing like it anywhere else in the world"

From the cover of
J.R. Steers - The Sea Coast

"Coastal zone management, by definition, is spatial management"

Kurt Fedra and Enrico Feoli - GIS Technology and Spatial Analysis in Coastal Zone Management

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AICSM Partner

COREPOINT VR Simulations - Examples

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Aberdeen, 2007


AICSM Partner Project

AICSM Partner Project

Littoral2004, Aberdeen, Scotland

20th - 22nd
September 2004
Aberdeen, Scotland

Proccedings of Littoral 2004 Conference and Symposium

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CoastGIS 2005

21st-23rd July 2005
AECC, Aberdeen, Scotland, UK

GIS Day - Oceanology International 2004

GIS Conference

18th March 2004
London , UK

Coastal and Marine Geo-Information Systems

Coastal and Marine Geo-Information Systems


Going Mobile: Mobile Technologies and GIS

Remote Sensing and Imagery for Coastal Environments

Remote Sensing and Imagery for Coastal Environments

CoastGIS'03 - Genova, Italy

16th - 18th
October 2003
Genova, Italy

CMCZM - Department of Geography and Environment, University of Aberdeen
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