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Total for this member in this year: 11

Recent Swims

Trip Name Description
Etive 2014-04-11tex


Orchy 2014-03-23tex

Fucked Eas a' Chathaidh

Allt a' Chaorainn 2014-03-22tex

Fell over coming out the end off speed

North Esk 2014-02-19tex


Tees Barrage 2014-02-16tex

South Esk 2013-12-30tex

Fucked up her roll (her words not mine)

Upper Findhorn 2013-12-08tex

Dulcie bridge

Etive 2013-11-23tex

Right angle

North Esk 2013-10-13tex

Rock Garden

Moriston 2013-09-14tex

Hit Roddy and fell into the last hole because of Roddy. Refused a bootie because of Roddy. It was Roddy's fault.

Moriston 2013-09-03tex