Freshers' Info

Do I need any experience in kayaking?
No. We teach beginners in the pool and river trips especially for freshers begin after only two pool sessions. Paddlers of all abilities will find something to challenge them with the club, such as polo and slalom competitions or finding new high grade runs.

Do I need any special equipment?
No. All you need is your swimwear for the pool and swimwear and warm layers like fleece or thermals for rivers. The club will provide all equipment like boats, paddles, helmets, spray decks, buoyancy aids, cags and wetsuits, until you want to buy your own. On rivers you may want to bring some shoes that will fit when in a boat, like wetsuit booties, and a warm drink.

When are training sessions?
Pool sessions are on Tuesdays at 21:00 - 22:30 and Thursdays 19:30-21:00. The pool is in the King's Pavilion, which you can find with this map

How much does club membership cost?
Club membership is £15 but if you join on the day of Freshers' Fayre it's  only £10! You don't need to pay anything extra to use the club equipment. If this is the first sports club you've joined this year you will need to pay £12.50 sport insurance. You can make both of these payments at . River trips require a contribution for diesel, typically no more than £10.

What's with the icon for this info page?
Bikini Tuesday.