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Freshers weekend is rapidly approaching so i thought i'd just put out a reminder that we need to get money in as soon as possible!

There are still a number of people who have signed up but havent paid. Please can you bring the  money (full amount £40) to the pool tonight and hand it over to myself or matt. Please let any one know that may have forgotten or might not make it to the pool. Like i said beg borrow or steal the money. its only 40 quid for the weekend and i promise you wont regret it.

I'm gonna do some naming and shaming:Fran Matt victoria jenny graham titch longhaired callum h chandra ben s chundee kirsty roddy jessica fergal chris h alio lara and callum havent paid the deposit yet!!!

so far only 9 people have given me the full amount. lets get it sorted before matt kicks off. we dont want that

Which Jessica do you mean? Because i gave the full amount last week with Meike.


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