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Boating, partying and boozing on Friday night!!!!


Hi guys, just a post to let u no that we r all going out tomorrow night after the pool sesion!! 100% attendance is a must. Will be a really good night for everyone to catch up and have a few/a lot of drinks, and obviously as people who stayed out till the bitter end on Tuesday (not bisexual sandy) will no a lot of dancin. We managed to take over the stage the other night, so more of that tomorrow. Anyway c u all at the pool tomorrow and we will have an awesome night of partyin after. Pip xxx

If you can call that dancing :P

you just cant teach moves like that

Sandy Niven:
thats what happens when u go to priory.

well... it did look like longhaired was having a fit on the stage... am sure I got a video of that somewhere...


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