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We Want Your Balls!


plastic balls....before you get any ideas (Gregseh).

We're having a flat warming thingy on thursday (24th), so we have constructed a frame out of an old fairy liquid bottle and some hazard tape. If people could bring us some plastic balls (read a lot of plastic balls) it would create a ball pit....remember those childhood days? spent frolicking in a pit of brightly coloured balls? We aim to recreate those happy happy days....using alcohol to improve them, assuming we end up with a decent number of balls.

All are welcome, but a quick text/reply would be awesome so we know how much punch to distil.

count me in. just don't let titch near the punch! :)

why does no-one trust me with punch ? the cup-a-soup incident was not entirely me...just my idea...and someone had already ruined it by putting baileys in it !
and it's not alcoholic enough if you can't set fire to its vapour.

slightly cheaper than elc:


Now I vaguely remember Longhaired explaining this to me the other night and claiming you would only need 10,000 balls.  

In the sober light of day I'm guessing he was exaggerating.

You mean in the sober light of one spew-covered hoodie?

Im still fairly sure 10,000 is  spot on!

yeah...we need your balls !



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