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Big Gay:
Hi boys and girls,

Is freshers weekend booked for the 31/1 oct/nov weekend this year :?:  :?:  :?:  I need to know to make sure I get the right weekend off :D .

Loads of love and xs and hugs for those who want them. :wink:  


Yes it is my good man!

Big Gay:
cheers that helps sort a few things out.

Nice one! whats the venue?

I heard its the same as last year :)

Nice also


It is the same as last year very happily!

Also RV with if the champagne fountain maths last time is anything to go by we'll be drinking vodka for months :P

Sandy Niven:
Yet, defo same as last year on 30th-31st October.

Haha RV, thats something that if AUCC try would prob go very wrong!

Big Gay:
And whats the problem....

Freshers weekend already at the  4front of popular culture and just the other day was &*$£*! tuesday. It comes but once a year. Its alright sandy you wont understand what the missing word means to a normal straight hetrsexual man but thats ok. Just replace it with speedos or what ever is hot right now....

Sandy Niven:
haha al! &*$£*! is actually next tuesday anyway. Wouldn't miss it for the world! lol.

O and for freshers weekend, who can drive buses? Looks like we've for once actually got lots of peeps.

Depends if peeps come via aberdeen - i assume u'll be driving in ur car al?

1) Jenny
2) Pip
3) Will (or r u going in ur car)
4) Me
5) Steve (or r u going in ur car)
6) Kim ?? maybe
7) Matt
8) Al

Doing it this way we can get 2 normal minibuses, 1 11seater minibus (with space for kit) and a transit van.

Current Old Skool plans suggest I'll be taking my car, although we shall see how this materializes.  I do fancy a fresher weekend where I don't have to drive... i.e. for the first time since 2004!

Jenny - Me - Graham.

Front row of the party-bus!

All arranged and awesome!

Big Gay:
I will either be hooking up to be driven up by rv or driving him up. Either way nay use for aberdeen uni. Some one needs to tell long hair the cool kids sit at thge back of the bus. I would tell him personally but i dont have the heart or the kidney for that matter to tell him. Seen the garry is releasing on friday if anyone is interested?

love and xs al

Yeah I was thinking about the Garry too, depends if people can make it in time.

I will do everything within my power to pass my test and buy a car get a roof rack and get my arse on a ferry either late Thursday or super early Friday.  Quite fancy the chance to get the kingpin on the Garry.


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