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Hey one and all, its nearly freshers week!

Anyway Jenny, Steve Laura and I did some reconnaissance last night to the beastie to find out what the craic is.

Basically it hasnt changed hands, and the woman on didnt know why the sign had gone up, but it has come down with the same owners.

In short its still there, upstairs is still for use, and we can have it on tuesdays and fridays as required.

I said we'd defo be in on first week back but that also we might be back on freshers week (just for returning members or w/e).

Anyway thought id let you all know!



awesome. We would have been screwed if theyd closed the place.

Sandy Niven:
Lol, glad its staying.  We'd either hav 2 to to the bobbin (if they'd have us) or the st machar!!!

Seedy Paddler:
Or you could switch to the " Moonlight Wine Bar"  :wink:

Still have to take a second glance at that name when I pass the "Seaton Arms" :shock:

Sandy Niven:
O and thought i should say i was looking thru the freshers booklet (as a 4th year student does . . .) and noticed JP's Bar and Grill - this appears to be a new place associated with the uni where the old union was.

Has anyone been in?  Is it any good?

never heard of it... me thinks it might be worth a night out to investigate...  :twisted:

Pivo or the real old union?

Seedy Paddler:
Well it certainly aint the real OLD Union

Check out :

and for some chat on the place...

Sounds like it may have recently been used as a Union though.

Sandy Niven:
Haha, ye its the newer of the old unions - the one that made a £100,000 year loss, not the £400,00 a year loss.


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