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Torcher - the day after
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I would just like to share a heart warming Torcher story...
I was walking along collecting money right after we went around the turn to head to union street and I held the bucket out to some jakey kids (they were like 4 years old no jokes) in tracksuits because they were holding pennies in their hands.  So one little jerk dropped his penny in the bucket but there was was some coins still resting on top. He then proceeded to grab the rest of the change, therefore making a profit from his one penny contribution.  
He stole from charity! At the age of, like, four!!!!! I guess that's Aberdeen for you.  I am afraid of most kids between the ages of 4 and 16, and anybody in a tracksuit.

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Torcher - the day after
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Listen to thatcher fucked the kids by the mighty frank turner. Your story resonates with his overture.
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