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Hired Help for 24th-26th August


Righteo, many of the new skool wont know me but a few may do.
I'm getting married on 25th August this year. We aren't paying for professionals to keep things cheap but we still need a lot of help, so this is where we think skint students might come in useful.
We're looking for 2 students to do setting up, waitressing, bar person and packing up, with plenty of other jobs in between. Must be able to smile and be polite.  This would be a 3 day job all Fri, Sat and Sun but accomodation will be covered as well as food.  Would be very handy if you had your own car or could drive.
We'll discuss all duties and pay when we meet. If anyone is interested pm me or post here.

Definitely interested. I'd love to help out, my bartending/waiting/general hullabaloo skills are yours if I can get that weekend off work.

You're drafting Canoe club for your wedding?... brave.

'General Hullabaloo?' Really??

I will be a topless waiter for £4000 a day, that's just the going rate steve

Seedy Paddler:
Think it was Penny Swaine asking after you at the weekend, however she thought you were getting married back at the end of May.  Won't be able to help out (not really a skint student) and plan to be at Tully slalom that weekend.  Have a good one 

unable to work as I'm pretty sure i'll be invited as a guest. can't wait!

Luke if i thought you were worth £4000 then i would be more than happy to just hand that to you but, it must be the scottish infecting me so i'll throw you a few pennies to remind me of torcher parades.
Yeah CD i'll have to catch up with penny at some point. but i know its not going to be soon, busy busy busy.


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