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Hi guys,

The summer meal will be taking place on Monday the 7th May at Slains Castle on Belmont Street.
I will have a menu this evening which I will post on here, and i need to have all of the orders for food by tuesday night. I will also be taking orders at the pub on tuesday night. We will be arriving at the venue at 6pm.

For the freshers in the club this is one of the best nights out of the year where we have a 3 course meal, get hammered, present prizes for the swimmer of the year, dick of the year, etc. We then tear up the city with our awesome dance moves. As it is a monday night we will be taking in the luxuries of snafu so please have no AUCC badges on show!

The meal will cost of the meal will be £15, and I will need the money before the end of this week.

Sorry for the fairly short notice but theis is due to Slains not being able to send an email, write down a phone number, or spell the days of the week.

Hope to see you all on tuesday to take away all of your money


Ø  Classic prawn cocktail
Ø  Soup of the day
Ø  Salmon and prawn roulade
Main Course
Ø  Hunters Chicken
Ø  Ham, Egg & Chips
Ø  Sausage & Mash
Ø  Spicy Beef Chilli & Rice
Ø  Spicy Bean Chilli & Rice
Ø  Fish & Chips
Ø  Lasagne
Ø  Chocolate Brownie Ice Cream Cake
Ø  Sticky Toffee Pudding (With Ice Cream or Custard)
Ø  Jammie Dodger Cheesecake

Can I get two desserts instead of a starter?

dont see why not

I like that idea.

Would also be good if you find out what the 'soup of the day' will be dude...

Thats the reason I ask, not really a fan of seafood so if the soup of the day is something awful I think some cheesecake and some chocolate brownie has a much greater appeal!

Committee guys at the bottom of every topic there should be a link to calendar button, so you shouldn't need to remake topics.

i assume the soup of the day will be the veggie option?

Urgh, in that case I defo need two puddings.

What time will the meal be? I have the UNICEF agm on Monday too and have to go... I'll be able to arrive by half 7 I reckon. But that means i'll miss out on the food right?

Granny mcgill get your priorities sorted out!! awesome night out, or saving starving children. Is that REALLY a choice?

No I would far rather pre-drink and eat the food than save the children. Yet as part of the committee I must go (and im scared of my flatmate/president). If I'd had more notice... So i dont pay/dont eat or will there be hanging about etc before the food?

food will be between 6.30 and 7

Pre-party surely?

i'm dancing til about 7:15pm (if i don't go, i will be killed much to the delight of many), but will pop along after. if that leaves time to eat food, i'll pay and order tomorrow, but if it doesn't i'll just pop along to witness the drunken banter. gimme a shout at some point so i can bring money/not bring money. peace out


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