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Objectives of registration  

There are several benefits if you will kindly register with me your interest in Dryland Rivers Research. One of the prime objectives is to provide information for the Who's Doing What? section of this website. Other benefits include:

  • website content adjusted to match better the needs of the users;

  • maintain list of active researchers, with their current research focus;

  • receive direct notification of relevant events, opportunities, major website updates, and other significant developments;

  • participate in discussion group
    (initially moderated to reduce nuisance emails)

I hope this way to create an informal network of dryland rivers researchers and the end-users of the research results. Please supply as much information as possible so I can get a clear picture of the use and relevance of this website.

Please note that the registration process here is completely separate from that needed to be allowed to post entries in the discussion forum, for which there is a separate and brief process to set you up. If I get time, I will link the two, but for now that is more work than I can fit in.

Uluru, central Australia
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