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This is the section where I hope to:

  • highlight new work and ideas, such as coming out of recent conferences;

  • present some ideas on specific topics in order to generate some discussion and stimulate new work.

Exactly how this section develops will depend on the reaction I get from researchers and end-users. And, of course, how much input I get from you out there!

I intend soon to put up an online discussion board here - I have the software, I just need to work out how to integrate it into the site. In the meantime, please register your interest so I can see if this effort will be worthwhile!

Please with your own ideas.

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New work and new ideas Top

Conferences: 7ICFS | Aberdeen 2002

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The 7th ICFS was held in Lincoln, Nebraska, USA, on 6th-10th August 2001. This conference was the latest in a series of specialist fluvial conferences that have been held every four years since 1977. This year, it included a special session devoted to Dryland Rivers: Process & Product.

Click header to get a summary of the new science relevant to dryland rivers that was presented at this conference. Also here are the relevant full abstracts illustrated with photos from the authors. If you wish to see the abstracts for the papers not directly related to drylands, go direct to the ICFS website and download the abstracts booklet PDF file (5.7 Mb).

Many of the presentations at the 7ICFS are being written up for a Special Publication of the International Association of Sedimentologists (IAS), edited by Mike Blum and Sue Marriott. This book should appear towards the end of 2002 - keep an eye on the IAS website for further information.

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This conference took place 7-10th August at the University of Aberdeen, Scotland.

Click header to go to the full description page, complete with list of presentations and abstracts. A review of the conference, summarising the outcomes, will appear here soon.


Discussion topics Top
Click for commentary on terminal fans  

Because of water losses, one dramatic feature of dryland channel systems is that they may reach a point downstream where they simply cease to exist. But what actually happens to the sedimentology at this point?

Click for commentary on avulsions in drylands  

Should we expect the avulsion behaviour of dryland rivers to be similar to rivers elsewhere?

Click for commentary on arroyos in drylands  

(coming soon)


Objectives | New work & ideas list | Discussion topics list