Department of Computing Science University of Aberdeen


Chris Mellish

Chris Mellish
Department of Computing Science
University of Aberdeen
King's College

Room 237 in the Meston Building and
Room 906 in the MacRobert Building

Telephone +44 (0)1224 272293

Username: c.mellish

Teaching and Administration

I used to teach Natural Language Processing and Human Computer Interaction.


My main research is on Natural Language Generation, both theoretical and applied aspects. On the theoretical side, I am interested in architectures, generation algorithms and input representation. On the applied side, I am interested in the costs and benefits of NLG and how we can find application niches where NLG is worthwhile. I am also interested in how generated text can affect the emotions of the reader. One of my main interests is facilitating the building of reusable software modules for NLG (see the RAGS project).

My publications (with links to PDF copies of some of them)

Past projects:

Active projects:

I am also interested in robust natural language processing, logic-based characterisations of NLP and unification-based grammars/ representations.

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I am gradually putting various bits and pieces of software etc. for free distribution into here.

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