The University of Aberdeen
Computing Science

Honours Project Themes for 2017-2018

Working with live clients

Most projects that I'd like to do are tied in with working with possible live clients. I'm also open to suggestions you may have about projects you may have in the mobile and cloud computing areas.

Work with Aberdeen Data Observatory project to explore how the observatory can be developed deeper and more broadly accross the council. At the moment the data observatory focuses on young people in school, and also what happens after they leave school. We'd also like to see how we can use the data observatory approach to develop a virtual school to deal with those pupils for whom the council is responsible, but who are currently monitored in a manual manner. which is less effecient than desired.

Work with local auction firm exploring how we might tie together a number of dispirate systems to share and exchange information, as well as develop a new system, which works with a proposed CRM system.

Work with s local oil services consulting firm developing an information retrieval system for clients of their subscription service. This is building on work previously done in Ruby an Rails.

Work on developing a prototype app to be used by school pupils to help them decide upon which university degree to pursue and at which university to study. The project is interested in exploring how people decide what to study where, and how degree choices relate to career choices. This is building on work previously done in Ruby an Rails.

If any of these options interest you, then email me in the first instance, and come and see me if possible.