The University of Aberdeen
Computing Science

MSc Project Themes for 2015-2016

Working with live clients

Most projects that I'd like to do are tied in with working with possible live clients. I'm also open to suggestions you may have about projects you may have in the mobile and cloud computing areas.

Some possible topics current clients are looking at are:

Continue working with Kate Stone, a TED talk person you might've seen at our Northern Lights conference, to develop a better iOS app to patch mobile devices into her interactive paper products. However, what you do is open for discussion based around what interests you. She has a lot of ideas about working with electronic paper, so come see me for a demo and to discuss ideas. The undergraduate student who worked with Kate year ended up coding 'the Sound of Taste' poster based on the work he did for the improved Switchboard app.

Work with mobile apps and web applications for visitors to Blairgowrie in order to promote the area along a number of different themes.

Work with Aberdeen City Council developing their Data Observatory, which helps council staff better use the data they have in more useful ways. The app currently runs inside the council only and is used by the Integrated Children Services team, but is being expanded to work with wider varieties of data so that the data can be queried according to the goals of different users as required.

Algorithm compairison for testing of a game engine for an online game, which we've been working with for several years now.

To collect price data on 300+ products categories from the 7 major supermarkets to provide researchers at the Rowett Institute of Health and Nutrition a price time series that can be aggregated and averaged to match a environmental impacts and nutrition database that has been developed as part of the Scottish Goverenment research programme. The matching of price to nutrition and environmental data will allow us to investigate how price changes our ability to eat a healthy and sustainable diet will be used for research purposes only.

Work on developing a prototype app to be used by school pupils to help them decide upon which university degree to pursue and at which university to study. The project is interested in exploring how people decide what to study where, and how degree choices relate to career choices.

If any of these options interest you, then email me in the first instance, and come and see me if possible.