The University of Aberdeen
Computing Science

MSc Project Themes for 2017-2018

Working with live clients

Most projects that I'd like to do are tied in with working with possible live clients. I'm also open to suggestions you may have about projects you may have in the mobile and cloud computing areas.

Some possible topics current clients are looking at are:

Continue working with Kate Stone, a TED talk person, to develop apps for mobile devices into her interactive paper products. However, what you do is open for discussion based around what interests you. She has a lot of ideas about working with electronic paper, so come see me for a demo and to discuss ideas. A previous undergraduate student who worked with Kate ended up coding 'the Sound of Taste' poster based on the work he did for the improved Switchboard app. Her main developer works in Aberdeen so there is scope to explore options. You can get an impression of their range of projects on the Novalia project page.  Their most current project is

Work on the Cinemap Scotland project to develop the AI/machine learning component for independent community cinemas in Scotland further in collaboration with Wei Pang.

Work with Aberdeen City Council developing their Data Observatory, which helps council staff better use the data they have in more useful ways. The app currently runs inside the council, and should be expanded to work with wider varieties of data so that the data can be queried according to the goals of different users as required.

There are a number of projects tied to research groups in the university, which may be interested in what you might offer. These are currently in discussion so I'll add them here when I know more.

If any of these options interest you, then email me in the first instance, and come and see me if possible.