The University of Aberdeen
The Computing Science Department


The Aberdeen Software Factory can provide solutions to improve your business. We offer IT solutions that will work for you. We will listen to your needs and develop suitable solutions to resolve your problems.

We build bespoke solutions with you. Building software is a design process as well as a journey of discovery. Therefore we build the software incrementally so that you can see it unfold and use it in progress to see that it will work as you intend to use it, or whether it needs to be developed along a different line.

We use agile and evolutionary value driven development processes so that we don't loose sight of the business solution you are seeking. We work on two-week cycles tailored to the goals you are seeking to achieve with software we're building together. This allows you to develop your idea of what's best for the application as we proceed. As we discover more about the application and its role in your business we can tailor the application to suit your changing perception of its needs.

We offer these benefits to our clients

We focus on what is needed and what adds value to your business so that we only spend effort on what is needed. Studies continually show that many applications contain large percentage of components that are never used. In some cases only 36% of components are used. We work to ensure that we build only the parts you need. We would rather have you start using your application as soon as possible so that you can start gaining from its deployment as soon possible, and we can all learn from its usage about whether it is working as it should.

Voucher Scheme Possibilities

As we are part of the University of Aberdeen it might also be able to work your project with us into one of the voucher-based funding schemes for short projects. The general restrictions are that:

dePICT - developing the ICT business base (with funds up to £5000)

Scottish Funding Council (50% match fund-all tech sectors)

EDTC (feasibility award) 100% up to £5000 (all technology sectors)

TTOM (all technology sectors) The maximum level of grant will be £5000, paid at a maximum rate of 75%, with the remaining 25% being cash or in-kind contributions from the client company.

RENEWNET (only renewables sector  Up to £5000.  Company has to ‘join’ first.)