The University of Aberdeen
The Computing Science Department


The Aberdeen Software Factory is a student-run software house so that students can gain experience working on larger software projects. Students benefit from work experience, while clients will benefit from a flexible, cost effective solution in which their application is developed to suit their needs.

We continue to moving into our third year with more experience to bring to projects. The work in the first year established what processes we need to put into place in order for this to become a software house developing applications in an ongoing basis. The second year established that our processes were successful for both clients and students. This year we would like to bring students into more parts of the client relationship where possible so that they have a more rounded experience.

The software factory provides students with two types of experience. First, they gain the experience of working in a devlopment house prior to graduation, working on both greenfield sites, as well as helping to continue the development of on-going projects. Second, they can also look at the factory from the business side of projects and think about what they need to do  when setting up their own software house as entrepreneurs.

Clients benefit from the software house by having another avenue to acquire software to suit their needs. We can provide an informative and helpful place to discuss and develop software to meet client needs. We can provide students ready to develop your application in a timely manner, and also tap into a wealth of knowledge around the university.

If you want to work here, or would like to be a client, then please get in touch with Bruce Scharlau. Please contact me if you're have any questions, or would like to participate some other way.