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Computing Science

Group Meetings& Deadlines

In this course, students meet a project guide on average once a week. In addition, teams schedule their own private meetings as and when needed.

Individual team members are also required to maintain a weekly record of their project-related activities. This is done as a weekly log sheet on MyAberdeen that records your private opinions and views of the project that you want to pass onto the supervisors. This should be completed weekly and submitted to your team supervisor each week.

Someone in the team should also prepare an agenda, and take minutes of the weekly supervisor meetings. Your team should bring and submit a copy of your Kanban board (one team member creates a board and invites others to join) to the meeting.

Log Sheet Personal log sheet to be submitted every fortnight  find this in MyAberdeen Assessments
Agenda Sample Agenda for illustration purposes download
Minutes Sample Minutes for illustration purposes download
Sample Project Report Sample Project Report showing the work of an Actual Project Group for illustration purposes download
Another Sample Project Report Rather different sample Project Report showing the work of a group that worked in a more "agile" manner. download

Note about acccess

Note that access to some of these resources is restricted to the University network. If you want to access the resources from home then please save them to your own file space  or, alternatively, copy the resources to disk whilst on campus.