The University of Aberdeen
Computing Science

MSc IT Group Projects (Summer 2018)

Bring your laptop to ALL sessions: You will need it.

Assume that we meet all day from 9am to 4:00 in Meston 311

! This page is still in flux and being modified !

The steps you work through with your team on 'the idea' this week are the same ones you will work through with your client project in the coming weeks

You should already have a good understanding of team development this summer. You might find this scrum & XP book and the Official Scrum Guide useful. It should be your guide for what to be doing this summer. For a more detailed approach to the subject look at Mike Cohn's Agile Estimation and Planning ebook in the libary or check Amazon yourself.

Also bear in mind that this is a mixing of the ideation work done in Enterprise Computing and Business, plus the agile development practices from WAD/AWAD and a lean development approach, which ties together what you did in Fundamental of Software Project Management.

This week is here to bring these together so that you can see the context for each of them and how they work together so that you find out quickly if you're headed in the wrong direction with a development process that uses these principles:

Your summer work is about developing a product, not about completing a project. These are live products, which will continue after you finish.

All of these dates might be shifted by a day, or interrupted so that you can meet your clients before the projects fall into their regular weekly routine.

Monday, 14 May - Meston 311

Exercises aimed at team development and agreements
Team identity, as well as how to give and reecive feedback and how to manage difficult conversations

Tuesday, 15 May  - Meston 311

Agile Topic Card Discussion -what don't you know, what do you need to know?
Agile Requirements - how should we gather these?
Elephant Carpaccio Slicing Session - sizing stories and work

Wednesday, 16 May - Meston 311 - we don't meet today, so meet with your team

Set up shared working spaces

Go over issues that you need to determine for the rest of the summer sessions

Thursday, 17 May - Meston 311

Scrum training -  follow up: use scrum outside of software? Yes, look at what Henrik Kniberg, an agile and lean coach at Spotify and Lego uses agile approaches with his family.

Friday, 18 May - Meston 311 - finish earlier today

Agile Testing - what will yout testing approach be for the summer?
Scrum Card Game- charting and tracking progress, what happens to unfinished items at the end of a sprint?

Extras for later...?

Retrospective games and a look at what happens next for the summer.