The University of Aberdeen
Computing Science

MSc Group Project

This is the summer group project where you work with a number of fellow students building an application for an external client

We will assign you to a team and a client project for the summer

Past teams have worked with Survival International, Grampian Fire and Rescue, local volunteer groups, and an Edinburgh film company, and a Scottish game company.

The better prepared you are, then the better you will do on the project.

Important Points to Note

Kickoff Sessions

The project starts with an important project kickoff  sessions May 16-19 in Meston 204 where you meet your team and client, as well as learn more of the processes you will use. You must be here for this for maximum benefit to yourself and your team. Read official Scrum Guide  and watch some of the Scrum Training Series after you finish exams on 10th so that you're ready. You'll find other items to read on the Information page.

Set up laptop

Decide whether you want to be able to run your development environment when disconnected from the internet, or if you want to rely upon Cloud 9. If you want to have everything runnable from your machine, then find someone else who's done this, or let me know and we'll set up a session to do it together.

The week prior to the kickoff you should start reading the background books on the Information page, and get your laptop in order and follow these instructions to install VirtualBox with a Linux install of Ruby and Rails. This will let you run a number of Ruby components that don't work very well on Windows. You will need to work together so it is important that everyone can write and share code together using a standard setup that is known to work, and vital time is not wasted sorting this out instead of working with your team. If you're using a Mac, then please get in touch with me to check that you have everything installed, which you'll need.