The University of Aberdeen
The Computing Science Department
CS3521 Assessment


The assessment should be done in a team of three or four people, and build on the work done in the practical sessions.

This course has NO exam. All of your mark is based on coursework, which is balanced between team work, and individual work.

50% groupwork comprising:

25% team portfolio submission comprising of at least four items plus a written report of 1500 words explaining the other artefacts in the portfolio used in the development of the team project

25% team portfolio submission comprising a 1500-word group report explaining the final development of their project idea with supporting artefacts from their portfolio of work used in the development of the idea.

50% individual work comprising two 2000 word essays with suitable references and critique:

25% on a topic of their choice within the subjects being covered

25% for a reflective piece on the team effort during the term​

The completed items listed below should be submitted as PDF files via MyAberdeen