The University of Aberdeen
Computing Science

Practicals for AWAD

The main coursework pages for  Advanced Web Application Development are in MyAberdeen. All that you'll find here are the practicals, and some help guides.

Week 1: Setting up Ruby and Rails for your work this term.

Week 2: Work on the start of our larger travel agent website.

Week 3: Start work on the navigation and fix some of the relationships between tables and objects in the next part of the travel agent site.

Week 4: This week we continue with the travel agent site by organising its navigation so that people can search and filter cruises before they book, and pay for a cruise.

Week 5: We want to be able to use Git to manage our code, and to deploy our applications to Heroku.

Week 6: Working with Capybara to do tests from the outside in of the travelagent.

Week 7: We should improve the travelagent to seed the database and then have a dashboard using HighCharts to show booked cruises.

Week 8: We need an authentication system so we'll create user accounts for staff as well as a login system.

Week 9: We can now apply our authentication system, and see which other security issues the OWASP site suggests we should address.

Week 10:  Work on your assessment

Week 11: Work on your assessment