The University of Aberdeen
Computing Science

Ruby on Rails: Advanced Web Application Development

The Advanced Web Application Development course teaches you how to develop web applications using Ruby and the Rails web framework.

The course will have you programming applications as soon as possible and provide the support and guidance you need to learn. We point you to exercises to do and highlight key points in lectures. However, we also assume that you will also be putting in the time to read the suggested materials and to work through the programming exercises. 

You need to take the time to programme exercises for this class, because you will learn best by doing.

Lectures will point out issues to be aware of, but you'll get more out of actually writing code yourself. If you're having problems, then let us know, and help each other out. If that doesn't work, then speak to a demonstrator, or lecturer. We're here to help, so don't suffer in silence.

Most of all though, you need to write programmes as that's the way to learn the materials. Keep finding new ways to challenge your skills and get better at what you do.

This course is open to anyone and is part of the Sustained Study option in Computing. The main materials are in MyAberdeen This site provides general background and support materials for anyone interested in the courses.