The University of Aberdeen
The Computing Science Department

CS087: Programming and Security for Cloud Computing

Session 2012-2013

Course Organiser Bruce Scharlau

Lectures: Monday 11:00 and Friday 10:00 in Meston 311

Practicals Friday 13:00-15:00 in Meston 311

This class provides a chance for you to build a large application in Amazon's cloud, while also improving your agile software development skills.

Can probably use any programming language you want as long as it will enable you to do what you need for the assignment. To help you build this large application for your courswork, you should download and read the Scrum & XP book, which will explain how to run your development phase and keep you focused on building the 'right thing at the right time' during this term. Start reading the book as soon as possible.

Will need to look at something like Cloud Computing Explained (good for more depth), or Brief Guide to Cloud Computing (basic overview) for general background

Amazon web services logo

We're now in our fifth year of using Amazon Web Services to build applications in their cloud. So say, 'Thanks Amazon!' for a grant to use their services.