The University of Aberdeen
The Computing Science Department

CS3530: Enterprise Computing


Week 1:  Laptop setup -bring your wireless laptop and get it setup for the class so that you have all software installed for following weeks.

Week 2: Java web apps – set up and configure - for Ruby/Rails see week 2 practical

Week 3: Java web apps - servlet basics - for Ruby/Rails work through Ruby the hard way

Week 4: Java web apps – advanced servlets (includes web apps troubleshooting guide) - for Ruby/Rails you need an introduction to Rails

Week 5: Java web apps – Java server pages (jsp) - for Ruby/Rails - you need to learn to use Git and Heroku

Week 6: Java web apps – JSP and POJOs - for Ruby/Rails look at Databases and Relationships - in the basic guide

Week 7: Java web apps – JSP and tag libraries - for Ruby/Rails look at Databases and Relationships -  at associations  and migrations 

Week 8: Parsing XML with Sax and Java - for Ruby/Rails study built-in tests - rails guide for testing

Week 9: Parsing XML with DOM and Java - for Ruby/Rails and working with XML using Nokogiri

Week 10: XML and XSL integration with Java - for Ruby/Rails study Authentication Systems - who's trying to use your application?

Week 11: Demonstrations - be ready to demo your assignment submission

Week 12: Demonstrations of your assignment submission