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CS3530: Enterprise Computing


These are not required, but are useful for further background and details about the coursework. All of them are in the library

E-business and E-commerce in management

E-Business and E-Commerce Management
David Chaffey
Paperback - the second and third editions are in the library.
Publisher: Pearson, Finiancial Times

This book covers all of the business ideas covered in the course with a variety of examples, and in a clear manner.

XML in a Nutshell

XML in a Nutshell available at SafariOnline and in the library
Elliotte Rusty Harold, W. Scott Means
Paperback - get any of the editions - the newer the better, as bits do change now and again.
Publisher: O'Reilly UK

Head First Sdrvlets
        and JSP

Basham, Bryan, Sierra, Kathy, Bates, Bert

Head First Servlets and JSP, 2nd Edition available at SafariOnline and in the library

published by O'Reilly 2008
£30.95 paperback

This is a good introduction to building websites with Java. It covers all of the basics and then some about writing and deploying servlets and Java Server Pages.

Ant Book

Java Development with Ant, and second Editon as 'Ant In Action' available from SafariOnline and first edition copies in the library. For our purposes the first edition is as useful as the second to get you familiar with the basics of Ant.
Hatcher, Erik, Loughran, Steve

This book is THE DEFINITIVE GUIDE to using Jakarta Ant from two of its key developers. It takes you through everything you need to know to compile, test, package and deploy your applications using the most widely used build tool for Java projects.

The book's webpage has links to sample code and sample chapters

You'll also find more about the sample code at the Java Development wtih Ant website

Software Used in the Course

All of this is free to download and use.


You first need to install a Java 2 SDK from Sun, then you can install these components. We'll be using the Java 6 SDK.

Eclipse with the Web Tools Project plugins

If you're using Windows, Mac or Linux box, then get your version for Java EE Developers and not just the plain vanila version. Feel free to pick a newer one, but do be aware that some screens may have changed.

Just unpack and start using.


Tomcat is to be our Java web application server. Download a 6.0..x version, which requires Java 1.5. Download the .zip version and unpack it. 

You only need to do the next step if you're not using this with Eclipse. 

You'll find instrutions for setting it up here.  You need to make sure that you set up the manager.xml context configuration file in the $CATALINA_HOME/conf/[enginename]/[hostname] folder as detailed in the Manager-How-To link.

Jakarta Ant

This is THE build tool for Java and while it is included in Eclipse, you may want to download it so that you have the documentation about how to use it. You can get it here.

Software Engineering and Development

evo (Gilb) (science direct)

agile (Cohn) (safari)

lean (Poppendieck) (safari)

kanban (Anderson)  (safari) booklet on Scrum and Kanban and how they can work together booklet on Scrum and XP as used by teams

Java Links

Java EE 1.5Tutorial from Sun covers most everything in step by step guide.


Sun's Java JDBC page


Sun's Java Servlet page

The Java Servlet FAQ

A Servlet and JSP Tutorial which eventually became the Core Servlets and JSP book by Marty Hall

Java Server Pages (JSP):

Sun's Java Server Pages (JSP) page

jGuru JSP Faq

JSP Syntax Rerence Pages

JSP Expresssion Language

Also see the Hall book link under servlets

XML Links

O'Reilly's OnJava page: has a series of tutorials on XML Basics for Java Developers.

O'Reilly's site offers a wealth of resources from both Java and VB angles.

The Cover Pages from Oasis offer many resources and information about all aspects of XML.

XSD Schema Validator for checking Schemas against the W3C Standard


Decoding XML and the DTD from IBM is a simple overview of the relationship between XML and DTDs.

Comparing W3C XML Schemas and DTDs from IBM is a good review of the two.

XML - Schema - XSL

The Basics of using XML Schema to define elements from IBM moves from DTDs to Schemas in a clear manner.

XML Schema Part 0: Primer Provides the basics about schemas and how to use them.

XFront has a wealth of information about schemas including THE Schema tutorial and a number of XSL tutorials too.

See above under XML for a schema validator

Design Patterns

Java Blueprints (patterns by another name) in particular you want to look at the Solutions Catalogues and Core Patterns

Java J2EE Patterns (under the Blueprints) section this takes you straight to what you need

Mircosoft has a number of pages devoted to the subject with the 'getting started' pages being useful. There is also a useful 'Enterprise Solution' section with links to details about MVC, Data objects and similar topics with coded examples.

Patterns Home Page

Portland Pattern Repository

Enterprise 'Systems'

Tim Bray on 'Doing it Wrong' with discussion about why 'enterprise' systems don't work so well as 'start small' applications do. Also have a look at a follow-up piece 'Doing It Better', which looks at why enterprises are as they are, and why other solutions might be better.

Data Warehouse Material

Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence for E-Commerce by Simon, Alan R., and Shaffer, Steven L.

QML Heavy Demand 658.84 Sim

Data Warehousing using the Wal-Mart Model by Westerman, Paul.

QML Heavy Demand 005.74 Wes

ERP & data warehousing in organizations [electronic resource] :issues and challenges by Gerald Grant is available in the QML library in electronic format (needs IE to view)

DB2 OLAP Server Theory and Practices an IBM Redbook (pdf)

DB2 Data Warehouse page provides interesting overview of data mining for data warehouses and business intelligence.

Oracle Business Intelligence (OLAP and Data Warehousing) explains what its Oracle can bring to a firm.

Oracle Database Documentation Library provides lots of information in HTML and PDF formats about Data Warehousing and OLAP

Case Study - Chicago Police Department and CLEAR provides a useful example of the results of implementing a datawarehouse.

Case Studies - Dunnhumby covers Tesco and Kroger Wal-Mart's worst nightmare details Tesco in USA.


CIO Magazine CRM articles - these cover a lot of topical topics, plus some good background examples.