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CS3530: Enterprise Computing

Here for info only. See CS3521 instead.


Mondays  each week
at 13:00 in St Mary's G3 - every week
at 16:00 in Meston 4 - every week

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Course Organiser :

Bruce Scharlau

There is a 'setup' practical in the first week so that you can set up your laptop, or know how to set up your home machine for this course. Come along and get help. It will make your life easier later in the term.

The course aims to provide a modern introduction to business computing, centred on the concept of an enterprise data model. Students will learn how to design and implement enterprise data models, and will gain practical skills in using tools to rapidly develop business applications that exploit an enterprise model. Business-to-business transactions will also be examined, where standard interfaces are established between multiple organisations' models and applications using XML-based technologies. Business case studies will be used throughout the course to illustrate all key concepts. Java Web applications will also be intoduced during the practicals in order to develop both front- and back-end applications.


The weekly practicals are Wednesday 12-14:00 in MacRobert 117.