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These will be updated before the lecture, so if you print them out too far in advance, then you might have the old version.

The course lectures cover the questions around the purpose of enterprise systems in a business context. Each week we will explore questions around one topic.
Before you come to the first class go play the Lemonade Stand game in order to learn more about running a basic business. This little game suggests everything that you need to consider for managing a business. What is your stock, how much did you sell in which conditions. It also could let you consider what more information you would want to have for your stand: who are your repeat customers, which recipe works best for which weather, and which times of day are best for sales?

Week 1 (15 Jan)

Introduction: what is the basic information neeeded to run a business? How do we know that we have a good idea? We'll form teams for your assessmemt work this term and start to look at 'Painstorming' topics (see more about this on the practical page).

Week 2 (22 Jan) 

Systems theory, and Theory of Constraints slides , as well as software development. Slides

Week 3 (29 Jan)

Service Design, Lean and Agile -  slides do more with less planning

Information Systems and prototyping Slides do I need more than pen and paper to keep the basic information needed to run  a business?

Week 4 (5 Feb)

Information Systems Two Slides

Business Model Strategy and IT Slides how do I grow the IT beyond the basics to support my business? Go read The Goal (one copy in the library) and Rolling Rocks Downhill

Week 5 (12 Feb) 

Data Modelling and the Business Model - what do we monitor and how do we combine items? Slides

Data Warehousing Slides  OLAP (Online Analytical Processing) Slides

Week 6 (19 Feb)

 System thinking and widening systems to customers. CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Slides

Week 7 (26 Feb)

No lectures on Monday, but practicals on Friday.

Week 8 (5 March)

Widening the system to suppliers in order to improve the customer experience. SCM (Supply Chain Management) Slides TV (Some old videos of their tech when the channel started) Kanban Slides

Week 9 (12 March)

Let's integrate everything. ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) Slides

Week 10 (19 March)

We need to explore flow within a system. This can be done in a number of ways such as:

Kanban Pizza Game from Ralf Kruse and the slides plus background to the game

The Lean Workflow Design Game instead from Nancy Van Schooenderwort. There is a vide of the game being facilitated by Nancy at AgileGames 2012.

The Ball Point Game which offers a number of variations too.

These last set of slides are an 'extra'.

Large scale architecture Slides

Week 11 (26 March)