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Aberdeen University Roleplaying Association

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AURA exists to organise and facilitate the running of roleplaying games within the University of Aberdeen. We are open to all students, past and present, as well as staff of both the University of Aberdeen and Robert Gordon University.

AURA is here to ensure that rooms are available on a regular basis in which roleplaying games may be run. We are also here to ensure that all members know what games are being run, and the details (times, locations, GMs) of the games. We have a forum to help facilitate this. Both GMs and players may post information about their games here, as well as chat about other aspects of roleplaying and AURA.

We also maintains a library of roleplaying books for its members to use. The Secretary may be contacted to obtain a list of books available, and to gain access to the books in the Library. The full list of books will be available on the website in the future.

Society meetings occur twice a year, typically on a Sunday at the start of the Academic Year and again at the end of the year. There are also weekly committee meetings each Sunday at 1:00pm, taking place in the Common Room (location varies) or the Library. Members are welcomed to meet with the committee at this time, but attendance is not required. This meeting is for the committee to discuss society-wide matters.

The majority of games run on Sunday, either starting at 2:00pm or 6:00pm in the Taylor or MacRobert Buildings. There are also other games running throughout the week. Most of these games start at 6:00pm. Additional information about these games can be located on the forum. If you want to run a game, email the committee and we can book you a room.

If you wish to get in contact with AURA, you can contact us at aura.roleplaying@gmail.com. If you only wish to contact a certain committee member, their email address is available on The Committee page.