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Lectures (Slides might change upto the morning of the lecture)

Draft schedule. Topics, order and reading may change.
In brackets who is lecturing: AS=Advaith Siddharthan;

Week beginning

Monday Lecture

Friday Lecture

30 Sep. [AS] Introduction (pdf) [AS] Adaptive Hypermedia (pdf)
Background reading: Brusilovsky's overview paper (pdf)
7 Oct. [AS] User Modelling 1 (pdf) [AS] User Modelling 2 (pdf)
14 Oct. [AS] Recommender Systems 1: Content-based filtering (pdf) [AS] Recommender Systems 2: Collaborative filtering (pdf)
21 Oct. [AS] Adaptive Information Retrieval 1 (pdf) [AS] Adaptive Information Retrieval 2 (pdf)
28 Oct. [AS] Adaptive Information Retrieval 3 (pdf) [AS] Social Information Retrieval (pdf)
4 Nov. [AS] Personalised News 1(pdf) [AS] Personalised News 2(pdf)
11 Nov. Reading Week: No Lecture No Lecture
18 Nov. [AS] Affective Computing 1 (pdf) [AS] Affective Computing 2 (pdf)
25 Nov. [AS] Adapting to groups 1 (pdf) [AS] Adapting to groups 2 (pdf)
2 Dec. [AS] Ambient Intelligence (pdf) [AS] Persuasive systems (pdf)
9 Dec. [AS] Criteria for Adaptive Systems (pdf) [AS] Evaluating Adaptive Systems: Layers (ppt)
16 Dec. [AS] Evaluating Adaptive Systems: Methods (pdf) [AS] Revision (pdf) and guidelines (pdf). I'll also be returning assessments, so please show up.