C*-algebras in Scotland

University of Aberdeen, Saturday, 26 October, 2013

This operator algebras meeting is one in a series of meetings between Aberdeen and Glasgow; in addition, this one is an "LMS Celebrating New Appointments" meeting, in celebration of the recent appointment of Dr. Aaron Tikuisis as a lecturer in Aberdeen. Participants from other universities are of course welcome to attend, and may contact Aaron Tikuisis for more details. The talks will go from about 12 noon until 5 pm, preceded by tea and coffee, and followed by a dinner.

There will be a fee of £10 per participant. Funding is available for graduate students. You should have already contacted Aaron Tikuisis by now if you would like funding.


David Evans (Cardiff University) - K-theory and subfactors.
Abstract: I will outline two approaches to conformal quantum field theory via braided subfactors and twisted equivariant K-theory and the connections between these two approaches.
This is joint work with Terry Gannon

Aaron Tikuisis (University of Aberdeen) - Z-stability and the central sequence algebra.
Abstract: Z-stability of a separable C*-algebra can be characterized, in more than one way, by properties of the Cuntz semigroup of the central sequence algebra. In this talk, I will discuss such characterizations and why they hold, and then say more things about the central sequence algebra of nice C*-algebras.

Wilhelm Winter (University of Münster) - Regularity and classification of nuclear C*-algebras.
I will report on recent progress on the interplay between Z-stability and topological dimension for nuclear C*-algebras, and on applications to classification. Among other results, I will explain how locally finite nuclear dimension and Z-stability imply finite nuclear dimension in the simple, unital and monotracial case (joint with Stuart White).

Joachim Zacharias (University of Glasgow) - Nuclear dimension and dynamics.
We sketch some results on the nuclear dimension of crossed products involving higher dimensional versions of the Rokhlin property. This is based on earlier joint work with Ilan Hirshberg and Wilhelm Winter for integer actions and the recent generalisation to Z^d actions due to Szabo. We outline possible generalisations of the results to actions of more general amenable groups.


The meeting will take place in Seminar Room 156 of the Fraser Noble Building. Tea and coffee will be in the Maths Lounge, outside of the seminar room.

Dinner will be held at Cafe 52, located at 52 The Green, Aberdeen, a very short walk from the train station.

11:30-12:00 Tea and coffee
12:00-12:45 David Evans
12:50-14:15 Lunch
14:15-15:00 Aaron Tikuisis
15:10-15:55 Joachim Zacharias
16:05-16:35 Tea and coffee
16:35-17:20 Wilhelm Winter
18:00 Dinner


Rob Archbold (University of Aberdeen)
Joan Bosa (University of Glasgow)
Jorge Castillejos Lopez (University of Glasgow)
Liam Dickson (University of Glasgow)
David Evans (Cardiff University)
Sam Evington (University of Glasgow)
Greg Maloney (University of Newcastle)
Aaron Tikuisis (University of Aberdeen)
Richard Timoney (Trinity College Dublin)
Gabriele Tornetta (University of Glasgow)
Christian Voigt (University of Glasgow)
Simon Wassermann (University of Glasgow)
Stuart White (University of Glasgow)
Wilhelm Winter (University of Münster)
John Wright (University of Aberdeen)
Joachim Zacharias (University of Glasgow)


Funding for this meeting is provided by the Edinburgh Mathematical Society, the Glasgow Mathematical Journal, the London Mathematical Society, and the University of Aberdeen.